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MEET JULIET (she/her)

A California girl who made her way east, Juliet has been shaped by both the coast and culture of the San Francisco Bay area of her youth as well as the beauty and the bounty of the Midwest. 


Her work is heavily influenced by daily life, as well as the collective experiences that have made her who she is today.



Juliet grew up taking in the natural and manmade wonders of California, including the majesty of the imposing redwoods, the power of the ocean tides, the dynamic and varied ethnic traditions, and the creative expressions of talented street artists.


Juliet traded in the salty sea air for the sound of lapping lakes when she relocated to the Midwest 15 years ago. Although hikes in Ash & Oaks have replaced those among the California forests, aspects of both of her homes find their way into her work.     

Highly experienced in a variety of media, Juliet has over 30 years of experience of drawing and sketching, 25 years of painting, 20 years in photography of digital illustration, photography, and paper work, and 15 years in jewelry making. 


Juliet is passionate about sharing art, supporting other artists, and advancing awareness of the power and value found in art. She has been an active member in community and art organizations, such as being a founding Board member & Vice President of Art Works Eagan, Board President of Eagan Art Festival, Committee Member & Team Leader of Eagan Forward, and a member of Dakota Center for the Arts and Eagan Artist Connect Artist. 

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